All My Old Journals

Last week Kimberly and I celebrated our seventeenth anniversary. We met in '97, so we've known each other for twenty years. During that time I've filled two dozen journals, and most of them were books she made for me. One was made out of the cardboard of a Clorox bleach box. Several were made from damaged children's books (like the fiddling raccoon pictured above). Some were covered in rich fabric, or in some cloth she had lying around. She put paintings or drawings on others.

If you're not familiar yet with how my YouTube channel works, I feel I should warn you before you elect to click play on the video below. Most of my videos are only four or five minutes long, but some are planned rants that run to fifteen, twenty, twenty-five minutes. And then there are the live videos, which then get posted and are often two hours long. The thought with those is that you light up your own pipe, pour your own scotch, and whether you're catching me live or recorded, hang out with me for a spot.

This video is live, but it was only twenty minutes. know, just one pipe bowl. Load up before you click. And if you'd like to get straight to where I start showing the books, skip to the 5:30 mark.